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Setting up Rabies Info


Setting up Rabies Info
1. Open DVMax;

2. Select Patient codes from the Section menu;

3. From the Find window, select Rabies info from the Search for menu;

4. Click the Search button on the lower left of the window;

5. The Rabies Info window appears listing all currently available rabies products;

6. Select one of the listed products if you would like to edit a current product or change the lot number.

7. To add a new rabies product, click the Add new button. A new rabies info record window opens.

8. Enter the description/name of the product (mandatory), producer and lot number of the rabies product.

9. Previously created Rabies reminders can be attached to this product at this time in the Rabies Reminder box. Double click in the box to open the Add Rabies Reminder window.

10. Enter the code. If the code is unknown, place the curser in the code window and press tab/backspace. The select reminder window will appear.

11. Select the reminder you wish to attach to the product. Click OK.

12. Close the Rabies Info window.

Setting up Rabies Reminders
A reminder is a notice that is sent to a client indicating that a patient is due for a specified procedure or set of procedures. DVMax’s Reminders function lets you identify all patients needing reminders for procedures due within a specified date range, and allows you to create and send reminder notices via email or standard mail.

To create a list of patients requiring a reminder notice:
1. From the Section drop-down menu, choose Reminders.

2. From the Reminders window, select a Date Range, or use the default range as listed.

3. Choose the procedures for which you would like to create reminders from the Types area of the Reminders window.

4. Click Setup if you wish to use another form of reminder other than the default settings. You can also select the number of reminder notices that will be sent from this window.

5. Click OK to select the new settings.

6. Click OK to produce a list of all patients requiring reminders.

7. From the Reminder List window, click OK to generate the reminder notices. The kind of reminder notice created (email or standard mail) will be determined by the selection you have made in the client record.

8. Click Cancel to abort the Reminder process.