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The Newsletter of DVMAX Veterinary Practice Management Software - September 02, 2010

Account Management Program A Success
DVMAX Continuing Education and Tech News
Tech Support Is Here to Help Your IT Specialist
Quick Access to your Data with Custom Reports
DVMAX Practice v7.0.12r2 Released
DVMAX will be Attending IVECCS 2010


Account Management Program A Success

After 4 months, the Account Manager program has proven to be a success and a real benefit to our customers.  Since May, the Account Managers have been conducting complimentary consultations with customers whose support contracts have come up for renewal. During the consultation, the Account Manager provides an introduction to the Account Managers program and reviews various ways in which the customer can make the most of their DVMAX software.

Overall, customers have been extremely receptive to the program.  They are very pleased to have a contact at DVMAX who understands their specific operating situation, keeps them updated on new services and features and acts as their “go-to” person should questions arise.

Some of the ways the Account Manager program has helped our clients include:

  1. After reviewing the DVMAX Online Training program with account managers, several practices have started using the DVMAX Online Training program to train new staff.  Clinics love the new Online Training program because it has meant big improvements in the way new staff are trained.  Rather than using busy clinic time to train personnel, new staff can work on their own via online training, learning the basics of DVMAX and getting up to speed much more quickly.
  2. One practice manager brushed up on her DVMAX skills using the Online Training program and was then able to take advantage of the many advanced features in DVMAX, such as reporting.
  3. A customer who had specific questions regarding DVMAX told us how pleased he was to be able to contact his Account Manager and get clear answers to his queries. He appreciates knowing that he has a go-to person for similar questions. 
  4. Another customer was having difficulties backing up files. The Account Manager was able to tell them about our SafeData program that automatically backs up practice files. This was a perfect solution for the practice that did not have a depth of technical expertise.  Now they can be assured that their data is safely stored offsite, as well as having the backup overseen by the SafeData service.
  5. Account managers have also been scheduling 'Paperless’ webinars for customers who want to take advantage of the full features of DVMAX. These webinars describe how customers can enhance productivity and increase income through time saving features, as well as decrease human error by ensuring clinic standard operating procedures are followed.

The Account Managers have been reaching out to DVMAX clients like you, letting them know that they have a person who is there to help, ready to answer their questions and address any issues or concerns. We know you have invested in DVMAX for your practice, and the Account Manager program is here to make sure you are getting the most from your investment. 

If you would like to set up a complimentary consultation with your account manager, please contact an Account Manager at 800-877-9221 Option 1 or by email.

Technical Support Is Here to Help Your IT Specialist

As practices add more terminals and advanced systems to their computer infrastructure, there has been a move to hire outside IT consultants to manage the practice’s computers and networks.  DVMAX Technical Support is here to help resolve your DVMAX-related questions, and we are happy to work closely with your IT consultant. In fact, we strongly recommend your practice manager or technical consultant work in close contact with the DVMAX Technical Support Team should your office encounter technical issues which may be connected to DVMAX software functionality or may be a hardware, operating system or connectivity issue. 
With the addition of new features and updates to functionalities in DVMAX, combined with the introduction of new equipment and related software you may bring to your business, there may be occasion where something in DVMAX doesn’t seem to work the way you thought it would.  With 20 years of DVMAX expertise under our belt, no one knows DVMAX like our Support Team.  Whether it is help in directing DVMAX to the port for new label printer, connecting DVMAX to an in-house blood analyzer or sending an email to a client from DVMAX, we invite you and/or your technical consultant to call DVMAX Technical Support whenever there are questions or issues that could involve your practice management software. Your consultant will need your DVMAX ID number to access DVMAX Technical Support and the User site.
The DVMAX User site can be accessed at: http://users.dvmax.com

DVMAX Continuing Education and Tech News

New Phone System Coming this Fall - DVMAX Tech Support will be moving toward a new phone system that will put you directly in touch with a tech support agent, bypassing our answering service. This means you get the support you need even quicker than before. We expect this new system to be online this Fall and will follow-up with another announcement once the system is live

Practice Documentation
The Tech Support department continues to add more documents to the DVMAX online documentation site. These documents are available at: http://documents.dvmax.com

DVMAX Forums
Visit the DVMAX Forums for useful links, tips and reports on advanced features.
You can view or register for the forums at: http://forums.dvmax.com

DVMAX on Twitter
Follow us on Twitter! You’ll find news, updates, forum topics and more. Look us up under DVMAX_Sneakers.

Quick Access to your Data with Custom Reports

DVMAX Custom Reports provide you with quick access to the practice information you require.DVMAX’s Custom Reporting feature can turn underutilized data in to meaningful, easy-to-read reports that may help you make better business projections, track expenses and keep detailed records specific to your practice.

Even if you don’t have a specific custom report in mind, DVMAX provides a wide range of predefined reports for you to chose from, including: Detailed Sales Reports, Price Increase/Revenue Projection, Rabies Vaccine Report, Initial Referral Report, Audit Trail Complete, and Detailed Doctor Production reports.
For information on obtaining custom reports, what they include, or even how to create one for your own practice, review the fact sheet on this feature here: CustomReports_FAQ.pdf

DVMAX Practice v7.0.12r2 Released

DVMAX Practice v7.0.12r2 has been released and is available to all DVMAX v7.0 users who are on a current support agreement. This update introduces the ability to email statements and addresses many issues that were reported in DVMAX Practice v7.0.12.r1.
A full list of enhancements can be found here: Download Enhancement List
Documentation on how to apply this upgrade for users on version 7.0 or higher can be found here: Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions for Macintosh OSX
Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions for Windows
As always, please be certain that you have valid backups before proceeding with any updates or software installation. Refer to the upgrade documentation for instructions on how to perform the upgrade.

DVMAX will be Attending IVECCS 2010

DVMAX will be attending the IVECCS 2010 Conference in San Antonio from Sept 11 –15, booth # 616. This conference is a great chance to view the latest features included in our latest update, Practice v7.0.12. Onsite demos will be available for a number of latest features.

This 4 1/2 day educationally intense clinical symposium will feature comprehensive programs on Small Animals, Exotics and Large Animals for veterinarians, technicians and hospital management staff. IVECCS offers the highest-quality continuing education available at any national meeting and is attended by the world’s most progressive clinical veterinarians, technicians and academicians, primarily representing specialty/referral practice, general practice, academia, and research institutions.

We hope to see you there.

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